sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2014

International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Hugo Paquete
Project: [USC][Unpredictable systems and collapse]
This software its part of a Meta-media performance that explore the interaction of sound, image and performative experiences over the concept of Glitch and the general accident of failing.
The factor of transformation, glitch and transitivity against predictability was taken into consideration to generate this software.
Accumulation effects crash over the system generating an entropy disorder to achieve the failure over a general accident. Over the operative system represented as a counter paradigm of order and functionality.
Over imposing a abstract language of colours and shapes base in the virtual environment of the operative system. Saturating the space with sound in till the collapse of the machine.
Exploring the post-digital condition of approach the machine and code as a mechanism / language with limits to explore in the error level. As a new aesthetic formulation in a world of supra performativety and order.
A system generated to fail in a poetic allegory over the infinity of formulas.
Based on the concepts of regularity, irregularity and functionality, this chance proposal was built taking into account factors such as the relationship construction of a machine, tool and non-linearity, abstraction, because there follows a linearity assumption of control, being casual and relative in origin. I would like to underline a passage from the book: Samuel Beckett and Abstract Machines Deleuze and Guattari Philosophy after. The Abstract Machine, on this model, is a phylum, comprising 'particles' of 'matter' which cannot be converted without remainder into form, an 'inorganic vitality' which by definition is opposed, and resistant, to an organic composite formation. In this sense it is virtual rather than current, rather than real realized. The Abstract Machine is not static like the 'deep structure', regarded as a Given, Which on structuralism is predicated, but is, rather, Involved in constant variation, in perpetuum mobile. It’s propulsive force. However, it is not susceptible to being gridded by reference to an evolutionary or teleological template.
This factor of transformation, mutation and against structuralism was taken into account in a software construction and performance, as the attempt by accumulation effect to crash a system, or the manifestation of its construction by accumulation and entropy as order to prove their strength and vitality. This force of vitality system, machine, and mechanism of action, dynamic performative imposition of a system can be regarded as a representation of the infinite quest within an operating system or its limitation. This concept also limits this programmatic intentions expressed in the performance. Because it opens its length up to the point where the system becomes saturated and fails, this being the point of allegoric or poetic search for infinity. Infinity is not a number, not an object, not a formula.
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