domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Audiorama Ars Acustica – Concert / Concerto / 2012

Electronic wonders of the modern music history. Audiorama presents a personal selection from the speaker music archives, and mix up with one and other electro-acoustic novelty.
 Music: Susanne Skog, Elsie Marie Pade, Kaija Saariaho, Hugo Paquete, Karlheinz Stockhausen och John Chowning
Performance: Saturday 4 february 2012 at 17.00
Regular Price: 120 sek
Students: 80 sek
Tickets can be bought at our calendarium, Tickster or Kulturdirekt. Kulturdirekt also has sales counter at the Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Tickets may also be purchased in cash in connection with the performance of Audiorama.
Welcome to the one and only venue for innovative drama, sound art and electroacoustic music in northern Europe!
What once used to be a torpedo factory on Skeppsholmen island, in the very center of Stockholm, has now been transformed into a venue that we dare to call unique. Audiorama is acoustically and visually designed for the exclusive listening experience. It can hold a seated audience of 70 people, and houses 21 speakers in separate channels, surrounding the listener from floor to ceiling. In addition, the room is equipped with dynamic, programmable light enabling great possibilities during playback.
Acoustics: Akustikmiljö AB
Lighting: Ljusarkitektur
Architect: Björn Ollner
The room is accessible for physically disabled people – from our main entrance, via elevator.