segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

(USC) (Unpredictable systems and collapse) Software art / Hugo Paquete / 2013

(USC) (Unpredictable systems and collapse) Software art sound applications performative experiments Hugo Paquete
The Abstract Machine, on this model, is a phylum comprising ‘particles’ of ‘matter’ which cannot without remainder be converted into form; it is said to possess an ‘anorganic vitality’ which by definition is opposed, and resistant, to an organic composite formation. In this sense it is virtual rather than actual, real rather than realised.
The Abstract Machine is not static like the ‘deep structure’, regarded as a given, on which structuralism is predicated, but is, rather, involved in constant variation, in perpetuum mobile.
Its propulsive force, however, it is not susceptible to being gridded by reference to an evolutionary or teleological template. This is the specificity of the machinic mutation which effectuates the break with the structuralist aporia in which, according to Alliez, Deleuze’s Logique du sens ended (Alliez 2004, 90).

terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

Hugo Paquete / TellusTools tracks / Mix 2013

TellusTools SoundCloud Remix Competition Create an original remix of Harvestworks’ TellusTools tracks, using innovative and experimental mixing methods. The works will be publicly available for listening on SoundCloud, selected works will be presented at Harvestworks’ TEAMLab presentation space on April 17. TellusTools SoundCloud Remix Competition