domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Impossible Architecture

Impossible architecture is an audiovisual installation articulating patterns between visual and auditory perception.
Articulated factors like Kinesthesia, architectural, time, visual pregnancies, visual and auditory dissonance.
The application of this audiovisual installation in the corner is crucial for understanding is composition of sound and image.
Made directly thinking of the broken angles of the corner (x, y, z) the origins of the construction and a extension of the human reason to construct multidimensional space.
Developing in this way a complex system of dynamics, with the visual and auditory and building. Exploring the limits of its constructive elements and auto reflecting them in new organizations of Line patterns and sounds.
The evocation from nowhere of the complex audiovisual pattern is at the same time mesmeric and absurd putting the perceptive elements of human reason and they abstract constructive elements in a game of constructive thinking and impossibility solution in a random of color planes and dynamic lines.
This audiovisual installation is to be projected in a corner and can be presented as a stereoscopic video work.

Impossible architecture | 2010
dvd, 4:9, color, 04`55" (loop) edition: 3) + 1 PA/ Video installation