sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2014

FAR: FACILITY FOR ARTS RESEARCH / Florida State University’s Facility for Arts Research

One of my composition presented in the (FAR): FACILITY FOR ARTS RESEARCH
Hugo Paquete
Radial Transference

FAR LISTENING POST The FAR Listening Post is a new, intimate venue for sound art housed within Florida State University’s Facility for Arts Research. We are now accepting proposals for multi-channel audio work from audio artists worldwide. Successful entries will deal in some way with sound-in-space, but more musically leaning pieces are certainly welcome. Please understand that we can support audio material only: there is no provision for accompanying visuals, physical objects, live performance, etc.
The audition space is a roughly cubic volume about 4 meters on a side and contains a fixed array of eight speakers, one at each vertex. The walls are acoustically treated.

College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance, Florida State University