segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

Combinatorics: Study to split time ( Open composition) Hugo Paquete 2011

Combinatorics: Study to split time ( Open composition) Hugo Paquete 2011 by paquetehugo
Combinatorics Study to split time ( Open composition) 
Time: 8 minutes ( In performance its open the end time the limit its 40 minutes ) 
This performance is divided into two distinct parts. Presented as a solo performance that can be presented with a digital dj set, dj midi controller. Where the same composition is being worked by layer of time on both cd ore vinil decks. Being constantly involved in this process, the relationship of improvisation The duration of the work is confined between 15 minutes and 30.Second part is presented as a performance for two preferably turntablist, dj interpreter, which will be arranged at different locations of the stage or space where each will have a quadraphonic sound system or stereo depending on the characteristics of space. Each interpreter will have control of its composition and time management of the work. According to fixed rules and other improvised but always following an order of time and fragmentary using an aesthetic of repetition and tonal variation. With strong attacks. And long silences. This composition was developed from material sample base and designed on a session of improvisation for saxophone and electronics, with Brazilian Pedro Bittencourt Saxofonist. Other factor its maintains a dynamic form of logic in the compositions in this case reflects the actual shape of the space where this piece was conceived, a surface of the 48 sound speakers the klangdoom in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe integrated as resident artist in the department of | ZKM | Music and Acoustics Institute. Thanks to Pedro Bittencourt fore the great samples that he offerer me and the time that he past testing my patch for sampling is saxophone. More information about Pedro Bittencourt and is great work in the link below. Thanks for the collaboration Pedro Bittencourt